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No small Ferrari has captured the imagination of aficionados and newcomers to the Maranello marque with such enthusiasm. Ferrari and their appointed styling house Pininfarina had created an icon. The new Dino 246GT was an absolute delight from all angles; its beauty, handling, sound, comparative affordability, and mid- engined layout was combined with unusually good all round visibility. Its reliability was said to be the first car from Ferrari that could safely be kept as the owner’s only car. The 246 Dino engine, with four overhead camshafts, was mounted transversely behind the driver and in front of the rear axle. Power to the wheels coming via drop gears to the transverse 5-speed gearbox, in unit with the differential and engine sump.
Introduced at the 1969 Geneva Motor Show, detail changes for the 246 included new seats, iron engine block, bolt on wheels, a steel body, more power, better torque and a lower price, a revelation in terms of road holding and stability, nothing had been made like this before. Handling was like that of a racing car although the car was more user friendly and reliable than the big V12s. Styled by Pininfarina, and stunning from every angle, the Dino must surely rank as one of Ferrari’s all time classics and without doubt an appreciating asset.
This is a very modern car and a real step in Ferrari history; it is the first model to be fitted with rack and pinion steering and mid-engine design. More generally it announced a new age for Ferrari as its concept and design, the 246GT was a much better car with a more powerful & torque engine and better road holding due to the longer wheel base. With its 195 HP it was able to reach 235 km/h as top speed and the kilometre in 27 seconds. The excellent chassis made the car much quicker than bigger ones and it is still a real enjoyment on small roads 40 years on. The interior is nice and refined, the large trunk and the high top speed made it also a real grand tourism car. The iconic Dino 246GT will remain as one of the best and nicest model built by Ferrari.
Our car was supplied on the 1st January 1972 to Mr JA Young of Caterham, Surrey by Maranello Concessionaires Ltd. Mr Young commissioned the car to be built in Giallo Fly with Nero interior and the factory option of electrically operated windows, as the car is presented for sale today.
Accompanying the Ferrari is a comprehensive chassis file that includes:
– Manufacturers invoices to Maranello Concessionaires Ltd
– Varies client correspondence from 1971
– Original Handbook, Warranty Card
Our car has completed a fresh restoration in 2011-2012 and now presents in superb order. Our post sale preparations will include full service and the issuance of Ferrari Classiche by an official factory authorised
Available for immediate inspection at our central London showrooms.

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  1. Ferrari Dino 246 was the initially automobile produced by Ferrari in high quantities. It is famous by many due to the intrinsic driving a car qualities and groundbreaking style. In 2005, Sports Car Foreign placed the auto at quantity six in its set of Top Athletics Cars with the 1970s. Managed speed Classic located the 206/246 at amount seven within their list of the 10 "Greatest Ferraris coming from all time".

    Creation of the 2-liter 206 GRAND TOURING ended in 69 to make method for the 2. 4lt 246 GRAND TOURING. The 246 GT's coachwork was nearly identical towards the earlier car, this time in steel, quite possibly as a result of Ferrari realizing that this kind of car would definitely be manufactured in numbers hardly ever before found by the firm. Cast flat iron replaced lightweight aluminum for the modern car's engine unit, and this motor unit now built 195 horsepower initially, and 180 hewlett packard for autos sent to the us