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 This very attractive car is one of only two hundred Rover P2 tourers ever built. It comes with a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate which tells us that it left the factory on 12th February 1948 for Barretts Ltd of Canterbury who are still very much in business with operations in both Canterbury and Ashford – they sold the car to a Mr Chapman of Rochester
The file contains letters from Mr. Clive Mercer of Littlehampton in Sussex who in 1971 enquired of both the Rover Company and the Rover Sports Register where he may buy such a car. These are followed by a series of letters which indicate that he had purchased this particular car shortly after and was corresponding with various people about it.
The next significant document is a 1988 invoice to Mr Mercer from Broadwater Motors of Polegate totalling £8,314 (which was a lot of money back then). It shows that there was extensive work done on the mechanicals including an engine rebuild and a re-spray, new carpets and a new hood. After this work was completed I understand that the car was put into the lovely collection of interesting cars in the museum at the Bentley Wildfowl Trust in East Sussex. It then passed through two further owners before being acquired by its present keeper and there are further invoices on the file which indicate that the car continued to be well looked after following its restoration.
As far as I can work out from MoT certificates dating from the time of the restoration it has covered about 10,000 miles in the last 26 years which no doubt accounts for its really super condition. The engine is very smooth and quiet as is the gearbox (which has a freewheel) and the suspension, steering and brakes all work as they should so the car is a real pleasure to drive.
The body tub, boot lod and bonnet are aluminium with steel being used for the wings and folding rear cover which completely hides the hood when it is lowered. The coachwork is in very good condition with only a small knock visible on the nearside rear door and there is no evidence of any corrosion on the steel panels. The paintwork is very smart as is the hood, upholstery, interior trim and carpets.
Rover always produced really well made cars which appealed to people who valued traditional quality and appearance though it has to be said that this elegant tourer with its drop sided doors and completely hidden hood reveals that Rover were not averse to producing sporty looking cars when they felt like it! It is a lovely machine which will be ideal for touring rallies, shows, club events and just doing the shopping if you want to.
In short it is a good looking, versatile and useable motor car which is just as it should be

Gavin McGuire, Tandridge, Surrey.
Tel: 01892 770310, 07770 316482

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 Ashridge Automobiles Ltd specialise in the purchase, sale and restoration of vintage, post vintage thoroughbred (PVT) and classic cars with a particular expertise in the Riley marque.
  This wonderful 6 cylinder ‘wide track’ saloon,one of very few surviving examples,was registered on the 31/03/31. The comprehensive history file indicates it was built in 1929 owing to the all fabric body,early engine and Mk 1 accoutrements although not registered until 1931. Letters from the Riley Club affirm this. The Stelvio was the first model to be fitted with the 6 cyl,14 hp engine which in highly modified form powered ERA`s to racing fame.
The original ash frame has been replaced owing to woodworm by Ron Laws,the work carried out replicating original patterns.Pictorial records come with the car.
In wonderful patinated condition with a superb interior and instrument panel she rides extremely well and is a delight to drive. The engine has been rebuilt by marque experts and is the L Type 6 cyl with single bronze bodied SU and Autovac fuel feed.
A super car for gentle touring, rallies, pub meets and cream teas!



Thursday, 29 January 2015


  The Vintage Petrol Pump Garage 

 An absolutely superb car, in terrific condition, designed by Georges Roesch with body by Darracq - only 8 of these cars are believed still to be in existence. Around 1997, a ten year body-off restoration was carried out, resulting in what can only be described as a splendid motor car. First class interior, body and mechanics. These cars have a 6 cylinder 1666 cc engine, with Wilson pre-select 4-speed gearbox, reputedly giving around 65mph cruising speed. 14 hp rating, 12v electrics, 16" drum brakes. A very well designed and advanced car for its day. V5C.
Please telephone for further information. 


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Today we welcome aboard Tom Hardman Historic Cars.
 Tom Hardman Limited has been selling Vintage and Pre-war sport and racing cars since 2010. Based in the North of England, on the Lancashire, North Yorkshire border benefiting from excellent transport links. Tom has built a strong network of clients both here in UK and internationally. The company has a very good reputation amongst clients, who happily recommend them and their service to their friends and fellow enthusiasts. 
Model SA 11.9
Chassis number 10282
Engine number 10727
Car number 15098
First registered 8th Febuary 1933
KV3821, is a great all-round pre-war sport tourer the 1479cc four cylinder engine pulls very well and produces a very good turn of speed. The ENV pre-select gearbox is as good as any I have driven. The ride and handling is also very good and the long wheelbase grips well and is very smooth soaking up bumps on the open road, and loves a twisty country road, but equally happy on a duel carriageway. The breaks pull up in a straight line and give you the confidence to press on with your journey. A good history file containing letters from past owners and many invoices relating to the engine work accompanies KV3821.
Spare engine and manual gearbox included in sale price, plus other small parts condition of which is unknown.
KV3821 Alvis Firefly was purchased new in early February 1933 by the Towers Company original fitted with a Cross and Ellis 4 door saloon body, it remained with this first for four years. Mr Towers then bought KV3821 from his company in 1937 and used her daily for the next 20 years. By 1957 Mr Tower became too ill to drive KV3821 any more. He enjoyed the car so much rather than parting with her at that time he put it in his garage, where it remained for the next 28 years! KV3821 was then bought by a Mr G Sterling in 1985 who owner the car for some 10 years carrying out little or no work during his ownership.
In 1995 William Beatttie of Scotland purchased KV3821, once home William stripped KV3821 the car down to a bare chassis as the car had had little or no maintenance for some considerable time. Looking at correspondent in the KV3821’s file the engine was rebuilt and bored out to +60 at this time, the ENV pre-select gearbox was also refurbished at this opportunity. William then set about fitting a special two-seater sport body. In a letter that accompanies the KV3821 from William he describes how two years later, due to lack of funds he reluctantly had to sell  KV3821, he only managed to cover 800 miles in his pride and joy! She was then sold to a Mr Holland Bedfordshire, who sadly didn’t get much or any use from the car during his two years of ownership.
In June1998 one Gary Clair well know VSCC hill climber in “Grannie” took on KV3821 Gary entrusted Alvis specialist and restorer Chris Crompton to build a new four seat sport tourer body complete with hood making KV3821 a very useable family focused sport tourer. In 2011/12 the engine was once again stripped and rebuilt, this time by Simon Frost. Again new pistons fitted the cylinder head also had 8 hardened valve seats fitted, new camshafts and followers there are bills for nearly £7,000 for this work. On top of the engine work the gearbox was entrusted to a well-respected specialists where again much work was undertaken. Then in May 2013 Gary sold KV3821 to the current owner another keen VSCC Hill Climber and owner of a Twin Blown Lagonda Rapier “The Richmond Rapier”. At this time Tony was looking for a road car to use on local VSCC events, with his wife and grand children. Tony has spent the winter working through the car setting up the brakes, and steering. Also having the radiator plated and fitting a new stone guard, he had planned to keep the car but has unexpectedly had the opportunity to purchase another Pre-war car. A car, which he had coveted for some time, but never thought, it would come up for sale. But it has, and he now owns it! So lack of space means KV3821 is looking for a new home.
This information is supplied without prejudice and is based on the latest information available concerning the car at the time of writing. No value or authenticity is intended or implied in this information.

You ca view further images on Tom's Website to visit please: CLICK HERE


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

1925 Ahrens Fox NS4 Firetruck - Hyman Classic Cars

  1925 Ahrens Fox NS4 Firetruck
 The reliability, quality and performance of Ahrens-Fox fire apparatus is no more vividly demonstrated that by the preservation of the Ahrens-Fox brand into the 21st century on fire apparatus built by HME Corporation. Fire equipment gets, hopefully, little use but needs to be at its best on a moment’s notice and function reliably for hours, even days, on end. It was in this context that Ahrens-Fox’s reputation was built. The company traces its history to the beginnings of the steam fire engine era when Alexander B. Latta built his first steam-powered fire engine in Cincinnati in 1852. Chris Ahrens was an apprentice in Latta’s firm and eventually assumed ownership, later merging with American LaFrance in 1903. Ahrens’ son-in-law Charles Fox along with Ahrens’ sons and another son-in-law parted company with the combined firm a year later to start another company which became Ahrens-Fox in 1910. While still building a few horse drawn steam fire engines Ahrens-Fox also built the apparatus powered by Walter Christie’s pioneering two-wheel tractors, then concentrated on four-wheel gasoline motor-driven units. Its pumpers are instantly identified by the giant chrome sphere pressure-equalizer above the front-mounted multi-piston pumps on which Ahrens-Fox’s pumpers’ reputations were grounded. Ahrens-Fox proudly pointed out that it built nearly everything on its fire apparatus in its Cincinnati factory, even the giant engines under the long hoods. The pumping power of an Ahrens-Fox is legendary, and they are instantly recognizable.
 This 1925 Ahrens-Fox was ordered by the Nashua, NH fire department to protect the city and its Merrimac River mills. It served for a number of years but eventually was pensioned off and bought, it is believed, from Nashua by bandleader Benny Snyder, a pal of Arthur Fiedler, conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra and avid fire equipment fan. The story related by Mel Clark, North Hampton, NH truck graveyard proprietor from whom it was purchased in 1992, is that Benny and Arthur would bring their fire trucks when performing in the other’s city, get together and, generally, raise hell with their fire trucks from water hole to water hole. This Ahrens-Fox still bore the legend ‘Benny Snyder Orchestra’ on its hood when later paint was stripped off. When purchased from Mel Clark this 1925 Ahrens-Fox N-S-4 was stored in a boxcar (Mel had many of them on his property) and largely original. Brought to the new owner’s home in Maine it was cleaned up, the pan dropped and cleaned along with the engine and gearbox oil pumps, carburetor rebuilt and fired up. After soaking the pump overnight to wet the leather seals it pumped water the next day. Later extensive restoration down to the last nut and bolt included acquiring a new bottom end and block from a barely used 2,000 mile Ahrens-Fox service ladder truck to the repair the original engine. Original parts and accessories as described on the original Ahrens-Fox order from Nashua were sought out so that today only two items, a pair of ‘Ahrens-Fox Steam Thawers’, are lacking from its original complement. Later paint was carefully stripped and revealed unique pinstriping on the frame and wheels not seen on other Ahrens-Fox fire apparatus but authenticated in period photos of this Nashua engine. The paint is Grenadier Red and Titanium White as originally specified. The headlights and spotlight also are original and have been repaired rather than being rebuilt with later housings. Even the gauge faces were carefully preserved and repainted rather than being resurfaced.
 n all, this is an extraordinary Ahrens-Fox N-S-4 with a colorful history linked to one of America’s greatest fire equipment enthusiasts, Boston Pops’ conductor Arthur Fiedler. Meticulously and accurately restored from a largely original example in New England service, it will earn pride of place at any display, runs and drive superbly, and still pumps towers of water
 2310 Chaffee Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146 USA

More images are available by clicking the link below

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BMW M635 CSi


 Grace, pace and plenty of go….. M-Power at its most elegant……rare too.

Just 524 right hand drive examples were produced between 1985/89. The Motorsport version of the already highly successful 635 CSi benefitted from the 24 valve, twin cam engine initially developed for the M1, 5 speed Getrag sport gearbox, Motorsport springs and roll bars blended with Bilstein Sport dampers, larger 4 pot front brakes, larger wheels and limited slip differential. Unique amongst sports coupes, the M635 offers and unrivalled blend of exclusivity, build quality, practicality and performance. Four ‘proper’ seats, a commodious boot and a lavish array of creature comforts provide the practicality whilst the much revered, 286bhp, M88 engine delivers the excitement.
This sporting thoroughbred will sprint to 60mph in six seconds and, in an awesome display of torque, pulls cleanly and increasingly rapidly from 25mph to 158mph in fifth gear. Overtaking ability is equally impressive with the dash from 30-70mph taking just 5.5 seconds. The M635 must surely rank as the ultimate workday supercar – blindingly quick and satisfying on the twisty bits, effortlessly refined as a motorway mile-eater, and uncomplainingly efficient when tottering to Tesco’s.
This particular M6 is very well known to us at Classic Heroes. Our workshops have been trusted with the care and preventive maintenance for the last two owners. No expense has been spared on care and maintenance. We have carried out all the essential servicing together with an extensive program of age related maintenance, including the underside of the car which has been thoroughly cleaned and Waxoyled.
Recently our workshops updated the front brakes with our slightly more modern larger Brembo brake conversion.
This early example has been enjoyed, by just three owners, the first owners tenure being a satisfying 20 years! The second owner acquired this wonderful M6 in 2005, after literally years searching for a suitably unmolested and original example. His requirements were exact, The car had to have a full service history and he wanted a one owner example. Eventually he found this fantastic Zinnober red example with full pearl beige leather, sunroof and air conditioning. We then sold the car to the third owner in December 2012. After much pondering and the recent purchase of a new R8 a new home must be found for this much treasured M6
The car is presented to the new owner with a superb document file, copies of all the V5s, original keys, first aid kit, original radio, all tools, original manuals, handbooks, and service book all still presented in the original BMW wallet. Nearly every MOT is present,
The car is still on the private number plate put on the car by the first owner.
  • BMW M635 CSi
  • 1st Registered 10/9/1985
  • 3 Owners from new
  • 92,000
  • Full and documented service history from new
  • Zinnober Red
  • Pearl Beige Leather
  • Sports Seats
  • Rear headrest
  • Original Blaupunkt New York
  • Front fog lights
  • Central locking
  • Load level
  • Headlight wash wipe
  • Air Conditioning
  • Prior to hand over to the lucky new owner this M6 will pass through the workshop for the Classic Heroes Sales preparation work. The following will be carried out.
  • Carry out PDI

  • Carry out new MOT

  • Check and adjust basic setting

  • Replace faulty headlamp switch

  • Lubricate and clean boot lock button

  • Replace rear sub-frame bushes

  • Replace sump gasket

  • Fit n/s/f brake hose correctly

  • Rectify slight exhaust blow from rear exhaust box

  • Road test car
  • Please enquire with Barney for further details of this stunning M6
    Classic Heroes
    +44 1825 830227 / +44 7939 512551

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    London W1H 5FA

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    1995 PORSCHE 993RS

     Based on the previous 964 but with a new rear suspension set up, six speed gearbox and an aerodynamically improved body. The new all alloy multi-link suspension made the notoriously tail happy 911 more stable, particularly when lifting off mid-corner and also improved the ride quality. The 3.6 litre M64 engine was a development of the unit employed in the 964 and gave 275bhp.
     The 993RS follows the same path as the earlier 911RS in being a lighter and more powerful variant of an already extremely capable sports car. 100 Kgs lighter and with a 300bhp 3.8 litre engine, improved aerodynamics and bespoke ”Speedline for Porsche” 18” modular wheels.
    This 1995, right drive Porsche 993RS (one of only 44) was originally ordered by Jebsen Porsche (now Porsche Hong Kong) for display at the Hong Kong motor show.
    The car was bought from the stand at the show by a Doctor Min of Kowloon as shown in the original, stamped service manual. The second owner was a Mr Chu who had the car upgraded to ClubSport (CS) specification. This included the CS front and rear spoilers, Bilstein springs/shocks package, CS transmission upgrade with closer ratios and the GT2 clutch. The Porsche CS cage was fitted (it is discrete and does not interfere with the interior comfort) and the Cup Sports exhaust replaced the standard system.
    Max Fletcher took the car to New Zealand in 2006 and sold it to David McAlpine, it then joined Paul Halford’s well known collection and this 993RS was aquired by the previous owner in 2011.

    This particular 993RS is sensational to drive, it has a fabulous raw, guttural sound and is very fast even by modern Porsche standards. The 3.8 litre flat 6 (unique to the 993RS) has huge torque, pulls like a train from low engine revs and between 3000-6000rpm is tremendously quick in any gear. Unbelievably 6th gear is a practical touring gear with ample overtaking ability. The ride around town is firm but not harsh due to the expensive Bilstein suspension package that also makes open road touring a pleasure. The gearchange has a sharp, direct feel allied to the GT2 clutch which is relatively light with immense bite (no clutch slip). The RS is relatively easy to drive but with a real race-car sense of occasion.
    fine condition.
    Rare in right drive, this matching numbers 993 RS is in excellent order and is one of the very best available anywhere. The car’s paintwork, underbody and interior trim are in good order with no corrosion, any blemishes having been well attended to during its 19years on the road, likewise, both the front compartment and rear engine bay present very well. A set of Carrera Cup wheels come with the car as attractive spares or for use at Porsche Club track days, the wheels are shod with correct Bridgestone S02 tyres in excellent condition.
    This is a beautiful 993RS, a sublime driver’s car and an excellent investment.


    Saturday, 24 January 2015



    Be different at next years Goodwood revival with your Naval Officer Whites or Shore Patrol outfit,What ever you decide you will stand out from the multitude of  drab green Jeeps.Whats the price of Cool ?

    £ 21999.00

    Worldwide Shipping Specialists If you have similar top quality cars like we sell, please
    call Sean on 07515539327 or for this car
    call Tom on 07591112581.
    Credit Brokers, Finance available
    call Robert 08450264242 for a quote.
    Border Reivers – We only purchase cars we would love to own.


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    1953 FIAT 1100-103 ZAGATO - STRADA E CORSA, The Netherlands

    Today we cast our net to the European mainland and The Netherlands specifically and feature 
     Based at: Strada e Corsa, Kuipersweg 7, 2031 EH Haarlem
    The Netherlands
     1953 FIAT 1100-103 ZAGATO
     1953 Fiat 1100-103 Zagato 
    For Sale. very rare 1953 Fiat 1100-103 Zagato.

    One of approximately 15 Fiat 1100/103 Zagato`s made, of which possibly only three remain in the world. Made to order. Used in rally and auto sport in the 50`s

    Aluminium lightweight Zagato body with typical minimalistic Zagato interior. Hand made.

    This example has a matching numbers engine with two Weber carburetors fitted by Abarth.

    The four speed gearbox is operated by a floor-mounted lever (SIATA optional). Known early history and owned by Elio Zagato himself in 1954.

    An ideal entry for historic rallies and the Mille Miglia! Please contact us for more information.
    1953 Fiat 1100-103 Zagato 
    Images & Text Copyright of STRADA E CORSA
     1953 Fiat 1100-103 Zagato

    Strada e Corsa
    Kuipersweg 7
    2031 EH Haarlem
    The Netherlands

    Contact persons :
    Lennart and Jurriaan Schouwenburg
    Tel.  0031-(0)23-5420009
    Lennart Mobile  0031-(0)6-15427145
    Fax. 0031-(0)23-5420010


    Thursday, 22 January 2015


     This beautiful LHD car is finished in metallic turquoise with two tone black and turquoise special order leather interior trim. Complete with factory hardtop with porthole windows plus an electric black soft top. This rare car has had only 2 private owners from new and has covered an incredible low mileage of 11,000 miles. Extras include: PAS, ABS, alarm, immob, special paint finish, f/fogs, hood cover, e/seats, e/windows, e/windows, e/steering column, heated seats, cup holders, special chrome alloys, tinted glass with extra tint, hi-level brake lights, radio hi-fi with multi stack CD, multi-function steering wheel, automatic gearbox with tiptronic, Thunderbird over mats plus much more spec....too much to list. The history file includes: book pack and service book, current V5, DVLA documentation, receipt for private registration number,current and previous MoT certificates and MoT related documentation, approx £9k invoices for importation to UK, servicing and the purchasing of a private registration number etc, bill of sale, warranty, images of the car, correspondence, private registration number paperwork, vehicle approval notification certificate for UK registration, copy of previous V5, importation documentation, previous insurance documentation, and the USA title certificate. This make of car was produced by Ford for the James Bond movie 'DIE ANOTHER DAY' and was driven by Halle Berry during the ice hotel scenes. The Thunderbird was not imported into the UK so had to be purchased privately in America and this particular car was brought into the UK by a personal friend of mine. Only around 200 of these vehicles were manufactured by Ford worldwide. The valuable private registration number V8 THU is included in the sale price. This is a totally stunning sports car which attracts attention wherever it goes

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