Wednesday 28 January 2015


Today we welcome aboard Tom Hardman Historic Cars.
 Tom Hardman Limited has been selling Vintage and Pre-war sport and racing cars since 2010. Based in the North of England, on the Lancashire, North Yorkshire border benefiting from excellent transport links. Tom has built a strong network of clients both here in UK and internationally. The company has a very good reputation amongst clients, who happily recommend them and their service to their friends and fellow enthusiasts. 
Model SA 11.9
Chassis number 10282
Engine number 10727
Car number 15098
First registered 8th Febuary 1933
KV3821, is a great all-round pre-war sport tourer the 1479cc four cylinder engine pulls very well and produces a very good turn of speed. The ENV pre-select gearbox is as good as any I have driven. The ride and handling is also very good and the long wheelbase grips well and is very smooth soaking up bumps on the open road, and loves a twisty country road, but equally happy on a duel carriageway. The breaks pull up in a straight line and give you the confidence to press on with your journey. A good history file containing letters from past owners and many invoices relating to the engine work accompanies KV3821.
Spare engine and manual gearbox included in sale price, plus other small parts condition of which is unknown.
KV3821 Alvis Firefly was purchased new in early February 1933 by the Towers Company original fitted with a Cross and Ellis 4 door saloon body, it remained with this first for four years. Mr Towers then bought KV3821 from his company in 1937 and used her daily for the next 20 years. By 1957 Mr Tower became too ill to drive KV3821 any more. He enjoyed the car so much rather than parting with her at that time he put it in his garage, where it remained for the next 28 years! KV3821 was then bought by a Mr G Sterling in 1985 who owner the car for some 10 years carrying out little or no work during his ownership.
In 1995 William Beatttie of Scotland purchased KV3821, once home William stripped KV3821 the car down to a bare chassis as the car had had little or no maintenance for some considerable time. Looking at correspondent in the KV3821’s file the engine was rebuilt and bored out to +60 at this time, the ENV pre-select gearbox was also refurbished at this opportunity. William then set about fitting a special two-seater sport body. In a letter that accompanies the KV3821 from William he describes how two years later, due to lack of funds he reluctantly had to sell  KV3821, he only managed to cover 800 miles in his pride and joy! She was then sold to a Mr Holland Bedfordshire, who sadly didn’t get much or any use from the car during his two years of ownership.
In June1998 one Gary Clair well know VSCC hill climber in “Grannie” took on KV3821 Gary entrusted Alvis specialist and restorer Chris Crompton to build a new four seat sport tourer body complete with hood making KV3821 a very useable family focused sport tourer. In 2011/12 the engine was once again stripped and rebuilt, this time by Simon Frost. Again new pistons fitted the cylinder head also had 8 hardened valve seats fitted, new camshafts and followers there are bills for nearly £7,000 for this work. On top of the engine work the gearbox was entrusted to a well-respected specialists where again much work was undertaken. Then in May 2013 Gary sold KV3821 to the current owner another keen VSCC Hill Climber and owner of a Twin Blown Lagonda Rapier “The Richmond Rapier”. At this time Tony was looking for a road car to use on local VSCC events, with his wife and grand children. Tony has spent the winter working through the car setting up the brakes, and steering. Also having the radiator plated and fitting a new stone guard, he had planned to keep the car but has unexpectedly had the opportunity to purchase another Pre-war car. A car, which he had coveted for some time, but never thought, it would come up for sale. But it has, and he now owns it! So lack of space means KV3821 is looking for a new home.
This information is supplied without prejudice and is based on the latest information available concerning the car at the time of writing. No value or authenticity is intended or implied in this information.

You ca view further images on Tom's Website to visit please: CLICK HERE


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