Wednesday 13 May 2015

1970 ISO FIDIA SEDAN - Hyman Ltd (USA)

Our classic choice today from across the pond,and is included after the information  landed in my inbox 
 The four-door Fidia is the ultimate Iso-Rivolta, along with the Lele the last automobile in the American V-8 powered line that began with the GT but traced its origins back to the company’s Isothermos heaters and refrigerators, postwar scooters and motorcycles and the famous Isetta bubblecar.
Originally conceived as the S4 and introduced in 1967, the Fidia’s Giugiaro-designed 4-door body was airy, graceful, purposeful and sleek, continuing Iso`s leadership in advancing automobile design. Extensive re-design and assembly in Iso`s own factory after problems with the S4′s coachwork and trimming by Ghia led to the Fidia`s recognition as the ultimate in high performance, four-door, four-seat automobiles. Power came from Chevrolet`s legendary 327 and 350 cubic inch Corvette small block V-8 until late in production when Ford`s 351 Cleveland engine replaced it and relied upon Iso’s proven independent front suspension, deDion rear axle, four wheel power-assisted disc brakes (inboard at the rear) and a lengthened version of the platform chassis so successfully employed with welded body panels during Iso’s history. Some 4 inches shorter than a Chevrolet Chevelle 4-door sedan, Iso packed the Fidia so efficiently that it easily accommodated four 6-footers in comfort. With the 350hp version of the Corvette engine it packed a top speed of over 140 mph and would cruise effortlessly at triple digit speeds in comfort and silence.
Italy’s postwar economic miracle was, however, ending in a spate of labor agitation, work stoppages and even violence. Although the Fidia was Renzo Rivolta’s dream car only approximately 146 would be built during seven years’ production from 1968-1974.
This 1970 Iso Rivolta Fidia is one of only approximately 104 built with Chevrolet engines, one of only 26 of them with the ZF 5-speed manual transmission and one of just 12 built for the U.S. market in 1970. It is powered by the high performance 350hp 327 cubic inch Corvette engine incorporating Iso’s own forged connecting rods and high capacity aluminum oil pan on its original Iso-stamped cylinder block. Other features include 3.31:1 rear axle, 15×7 Borrani centerlock wire wheels, power windows, air conditioning (updated with a modern rotary-style compressor), Corvette valve covers and MSD electronic ignition.
It has enjoyed a wonderful life, is rust free and has covered under 30,000 miles from new, a lovely, well-maintained highly original car with an ivory repaint, attractively contrasting medium blue leather upholstery, sound original interior wood trim and new carpets. It is a car that has never been restored, or needed it, just maintained and preserved by sympathetic owners. The engine compartment is tidy and orderly and the upholstery has the patina which only years of limited use and careful attention can impart. This is a great, honest Fidia, not tired or edgy, that is more than good enough to be used with pride and the confidence that continued careful use will not detract from its quality and desirability. It is the king of European sport sedans.

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