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The Mercedes 1960’s 250 SEB Coupes have become in huge demand over the last few years and are one of the highest climbers in the Classic car market.
This beautiful 1966 Mercedes Benz 250 SEB Coupe is far tidier in its handling than the wallowing Cadillac and Lincoln coupés that this car was designed to compete with in Beverly Hills. This was a car for mature men (or women) with nothing to prove, drivers more at ease on the crunchy gravel of the golf club drive than pushing their pride and joy to the point of unseemly tyre-screech.
Twist the ignition key and the fuel pump whirrs, priming the mechanical injection and the straight six fires into life. Acceleration is authoritative rather than ultra-strong, with wholesome unfaltering pull into the 90s and beyond. Few would have been disappointed by such brisk, torquey pick-up in the 60`s.
Owner History:
  • 1st Owner Mr J.K.Scott of Swansea 18-08-1966
  • 2nd Owner Mr A.Ralton of Calne 23-12-1985
  • 3rd Owner Mr D.Darsa of Surrey 11-05-1989
  • 4th Owner Mr J.Nicholson of Haslemere 05-04-1996
  • 5th Owner Mr D.Kennedy of Glasgow 19-06-2013
The Benz cognoscenti have always known how good the W111 coupés are, seeking them out long before the trendies adopted the cars in the 1980s; at one time it seemed as if every photographer in Notting Hill owned one. Beautifully built, rare and timelessly handsome, the coupés are fully deserving of classic status.
This is an amazing original Mercedes-Benz, the like we will never see again in this condition. Sure there are some lovely restored cars out their but they are only original once.
Few post-war Mercs rank higher in the desirability stakes.
  • Beautifully built, rare and timelessly handsome
  • Full service history from day one
  • Complete original, Silver
  • 5000 miles from new
  • 2496 cc engine has only covered 12000 miles after receiving a new short motor
  • Automatic gearbox is smooth and works as it should
  • Regularly serviced
  • Tyres are new on refurbished 14” wheels
  • New MOT
  • Excellent paintwork – last of the hand built Mercedez-Benz
  • Blue leather upholster (complements the Silver exterior)
  • New carpets (only replaced due to colour fading)
  • Wood work on the dash has been re-varnished
  • Large electric sun-roof in perfect condition
  • This car has a full service history and its original service book.
  • We have the pre-delivery check lists showing 24 miles
  • Letters from the dealer to the new owners
  • The actual Guarantee from Mercedes-Benz (Great Britain) Ltd. dated the 15/08/1966, showing the chassis number; (the original document & the envelope it came in)
  • Letters from the dealer in respect of the warranty
  • All the service records through out the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s to date
  • The original sales booklet
  • Old MOT’s from the 80’s to date (16)

£ 69999

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