Friday 24 June 2016


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1937 TALBOT 110

George Roesch's 120 bhp 3.5 Litre 6 cylinder Talbot 110 Vanden Plas Sports Tourer is surely one of the most desireable English sporting cars of all time. It is very rapid, very stylish, a masterpiece of design and beautifully made. Any Talbot 110 is special but this one is even more so as it has travelled just over 150 miles since the completion of a total chassis up restoration. This was so comprehensive and the result so impressive that in 2008 the car won the prestigious Transport Trust Restoration Award which was presented to its owner-restorer personally by Prince Michael of Kent.
The car was first seen by its restorer in 2002, covered in carpets in a lean-to garage which it shared with chickens, mice and spiders. It took three years of contact and gentle persuasion before the previous owner agreed to sell it, whereupon it had to be moved without delay so the deal was agreed and the car taken to its new home in 24 hours! After careful examination and discussion with various experts the buyer concluded that the only possible course of action was to undertake a total nut and bolt restoration as anything else would be a waste of a rare opportunity.
A detailed photographic record of around over 200 images comes with the car showing every aspect of the work he carried out, from the day he collected the car through the total strip down and his subsequent painstaking rebuild - these photos tell you more about the level of work done than any long descriptive text could. To avoid just writing a series of superlatives about the car I will simply say that it now must be very much as it was when it first left the factory - so much so that it is still being run in! It is a car for the serious collector which really has to be seen and inspected to be appreciated.
Sadly, having invested a serious amount of personal commitment, time and copious quantities of money into the project the restorer unfortunately contracted rheumatoid arthritis and he found it almost impossible to enjoy driving the car. He therefore decided to let someone else take it on so it passed to an American connoisseur who particularly likes rare high quality cars which are in first class condition. He has now owned it for three and a half years during which time it has been kept in dry storage and occasionally been exercised to make sure it is all in good working order. He is now rationalising his collection so the Talbot is being offered with a view to it finding another home with an enthusiastic owner who will appreciate such a fine motor car.
If you don’t know Roesch Talbots but would like to own one of the finest British sports cars of the 1930s then 110 is a car which you should really consider as it is very rare, it looks are just gorgeous and it has performance to match.   

PRICE: £122.000.OO


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