Thursday 16 November 2017

1972 FERRARI DINO 246GT - Simon Furlonger Specialist Sports Cars Ltd Ashford, Kent


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Simon Furlonger Specialist Sports Cars Ltd
Ashford, Kent
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Chassis number 06062 was supplied by Maranello Sales of Egham, Surrey on 04/05/1973 where it was originally finished in Blue Metallic with Beige interior. One of 488 UK right-hand drive cars, it sold at its list price in 1973 for £5,485!
This matching number car example has an extensive history file stretching across its whole life, which with Dino’s is unusual. Split down into three extensive files, it holds all of the invoices, old MOT’s are present right back to its original sales invoice from Maranello. Also present are the original handbook, parts manual, warranty card, leather wallet, leather document wallet, tool kit, jack and spare wheel. It has now covered a document 53,000 miles.

In the mid-1980’s the car was fully restored and colour changed to Rosso Corsa as most Dino’s where during this period. With values at this point at an all-time low, many enthusiasts felt they wanted to own an iconic Ferrari and of course wanted a red one! At the time many Dino 246's were restored on a budget with quite often engine swaps carried out quite commonly with Fiat Dino’s who shared the same 2.4 V6 engine. 06062, fortunately, didn’t suffer this fate and had a full nut and bolt restoration including the original engine being rebuilt.
Through the 1990’s the car stood in dry storage for many years covering few miles as its owner had a large collection of cars but as age was starting to catch up with him he decided to sell it on to a friend of his who lived Surrey.
In 2005 a good client of Furlonger purchased the car to keep with his other collection of Ferrari’s. At this time Darren Handley our now current Workshop manager was working for the owner as his private technician and undertook to remove the engine and gearbox to carry out a full rebuild of both. Also during this time, Darren took all of the suspension off to rebuild the shock absorbers, refit new bushes all round and re-powder coat all components.

In 2013 the owner was selling one of his Ferrari race cars another gentleman who Furlonger have also dealt with in the past. This man then bought the race car and the Dino and kept it in his secure storage facility until 2014 when he part exchanged it with a Ferrari main dealer in London for a new Ferrari.
At this point, the Ferrari dealer undertook a full bare metal repaint in Rosso Corsa. The work was carried out by Ambassador coachworks of Woking, Surrey. The car was left in primer for 3 months before being painted in the colour and lacquered to make sure no sinkage had occurred.
Also as it was fully stripped down, all of the chrome was re-plated and refinished before being fitted back to the car.

While the car was at the body shop it made sense to have the interior fully re-trimmed. Everything was removed and sent to Lupi in Italy a World renowned Ferrari leather trimmer. Many of the original patterns and tools are still used at Lupi make the interiors as close to Ferrari factory finish as per the 70’s.
06062 was then sold to the most current owner who has cherished the car, kept in his heated garage in Surrey. It was delivered to us on the 22nd of August on which we fully inspected the car in our workshop.
Overall this Dino 246 GT is a matching number, well-documented example complete with everything it was delivered with new, fully restored and in superb condition. A great future investment and with Ferrari’s 70th anniversary and Enzo’s 40th anniversary of his passing in 2017 a car named after the great man’s son is sure to be sought after.
For all enquiries please call 01233 646328.
The Dino family of cars was named after Enzo's son who played a large role in the development of the V6 drivetrain. The Dino 206 GT was the first road-going Ferrari to adopt the V6 which previously, had been exclusive to racing models. The 206 GT was an alloy-bodied coupe that was first seen on the market in 1968.
206GT production was low. Just one year after the 206 release, it was replaced with the revised 246 GT. The new 246 was a heavier car, thanks to the inclusion of Fiat's cast-iron V6, which increased the capacity to 2418cc. The engine was the same as that used in the Fiat Dino. This is one of the first times a mass-produced engine was used in a Ferrari. Compared to the Ferrari V6, the Fiat power plant had been cast in iron rather than aluminium alloy.
Also changed to steel was the bodywork. Between the two models, the styling remained almost identical except the 246 had pressed steel panels instead of the alloy body found on the 206.




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