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1979 FERRARI 400 (Automatic) - Foskers

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1979 FERRARI 400 (Automatic)


Model:Ferrari 400 Automatic
Colour:Rosso Cherry
Interior:Cream hide, red stripes and red carpets
Mileage:41,500 Miles
Transmission:Three-speed automatic

Additional Information / Service History

Ferrari's 400 Automatic - its first production car with an automatic gearbox - was revealed at the Paris motor show in 1976. Building on the success of the 365 GT4 2+2, the 400’s styling was all but identical, with the additions of bolt-on wheels, a shallow chin spoiler and four large tail lamps instead of six.
As the name suggests, the Ferrari’s engine was enlarged to 4.8 litres, with the V12’s power increasing to 335bhp. A top speed of nigh on 150mph was possible, and the Ferrari 400 also had a 120-litre fuel tank, making it a magnificent grand tourer.
While a five-speed manual gearbox was available on the 400, most buyers opted for the three-speed torque converter. For fast, long journeys or gentle cruising, this automatic gearbox suited the Ferrari 400 perfectly.
This particular Ferrari 400 Automatic was delivered in April 1979. Its first owner was Mr Jim Wallis, owner of The Otford Group, which later purchased the Graypaul Ferrari business in 1985. The original factory specification, which it retains to this day, is Rosso Cherry with Cream hide, red seat stripes and red carpets.
The history file that accompanies the Ferrari details frequent service and maintenance work going back to the 1980s, and shows the car was exercised regularly. More recently, this 400 Automatic has received a major service, comprehensive suspension overhaul, new rear exhaust boxes and a fresh set of Michelin XWX tyres - and has driven barely 1300 miles since.
The Ferrari 400 represents remarkable value in today’s market. These cars were Ferrari’s flagship offering when new, with a powerful carburetted V12 engine and enough space for four plus luggage. This 400 Automatic remains a superb luxurious classic and is sure to delight its next owner with its character and class.

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