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1904 AUTOCAR: DK Engineering

  1904 Autocar at DK Engineering. Ready for the London to Brighton Run 
 Autocar founder Louis Semple Clarke (1867–1957) was a successful mechanical engineer. Among Clarke's innovations were the spark plug for gasoline engines, a perfected drive shaft system for automobiles, and the first design of a useful oil circulation system. Clarke's insistence of placing the driver on the left hand side of the vehicle led to that standardization throughout most of the automotive industry worldwide. The patented porcelain-insulated spark plug process was sold to Champion and remains the industry standard. Clarke sold his interest in Autocar in 1929 and retired from business. He died in Palm Beach, Florida, on January 6, 1957, and is buried in Allegheny Cemetery, in Pittsburgh.
Autocar started in 1899 in Ardmore, Pennsylvania as a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles, and from 1907, trucks. The last cars were produced in 1912, but the company continued as a truck maker until 1953 when they were taken over by the White Motor Company, to this day many trucks still bear the Autocar name.

The first car in 1900 was a single cylinder chain drive runabout and about 27 were made.
The 1904 Autocar was equipped with a tonneau, it could seat 4 passengers and sold for US$1700. The horizontal-mounted flat-2, situated at the front of the car, produced 11 hp (8.2 kW). This was a somewhat unusual engine design for the time, with most companies producing inline designs. A 3-speed transmission was fitted. The steel and wood-framed car weighed 1675 lb (760 kg). The early cars had tiller steering.

This particular 1904, chassis number 2509, was imported into the UK from the USA in 1999 and was registered on the old-style number of "MO7776" by which the car is well-known. The car is well-known in the Vintage Car Clubs and is a veteran of no less than 8 London to Brighton runs. The car completed the rather wet 60 mile journey in 2012 and finished with no problems or faults, since when the car has seen very little usage. The engine was rebuilt in 2005 and as such the car is ready for the 2013 run.

 1904 Autocar. Ready for the London to Brighton Run

 1904 Autocar. Ready for the London to Brighton Run

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