Tuesday 23 June 2015

1930 MORGAN JAP 2 SPEED - Tom Hardman Motors

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Chassis #   M58
Engine #    LTOW/3/W683485
Model        Super Sports
Registration # JW547
Let’s face it, the three wheeler Morgan needs little or no introduction. Testimony to that, Morgan Motors re-started manufacture of the iconic tricycle in 2011, returning to it’s 1909 roots, showing it’s belief in this original product design 102 years on. The current model may have come along way from the early cars, however the original concept is still as much a favourite today as it was back in the 1930. You only need to look at the styling of the 1930s beatle-back which was the chosen shape of the 2011 reintroduction, proof that they got the styling right back in 1930! However, why anyone would choose a new one over an original is beyond me, other than play-it-safe practicalities like clean hands and some form of warranty I guess…
The current custodian took over the care of Frame Number M58 registration JW547 a little over 10 years ago, in January 2005, after her return to the UK from Sweden during the summer of 2004. Upon returning from her Scandinavian gallivanting she was inspect by the then Registrar of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club, who confirmed that Frame Number M58 was first registered on the 5th February 1930 with engine number LTOW/3/W683485. The letter then goes on to mention that M58 was exported to Scandinavia in 1974. Her original registration number JW547 was duly reassigned.
The fasts remain that JW547 is the Morgan connoisseur car of choice with the  Beetle-back body and two speed gearbox, after all who needs a reverse really! Her condition is not pristine, with nice lived in patina however certainly not tatty, yes there are a couple of house keeping jobs to complete but that part of the joy of ownership is it not.
The 1098cc water cooled JAP engine seams to run well, with a nice clean easy gear change. When the current owner took delivery back in 2005 the car was immediately sent to David A. C. Royle & Co Ltd where numerous jobs were undertaken, bills add up to about £3000.  
A three wheel Morgan is an immensely useable, with a diverse set of potential motoring related disciplines available, from touring to racing or hill climbing -the choice is yours. I think Mr Osborn’s pension draw down was invented for opportunities such as this.
There is a pair of front non-original larger brakes with wheels available by separate negotiation.
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