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 1965 FIAT 2300S COUPEThe Fiat 2300S is a stylish, elegant genuine GT car that was very expensive when new. The car is a fast, sporty and luxurious four seater that was Fiat’s first entry into the ‘GT’ high performance market. The prototype was first displayed at the 1960 Turin Motor Show and by the time it had reached the dealer showroom in 1962 it was more expensive than an E-Type. It is a true grand touring car with a 2278cc six cylinder engine with an impressive output of 136bhp. The unit was designed by ex-Ferrari engineer Aurelio Lampredi and Abarth tweaked the engine with special pistons and a modified camshaft. Not only was performance impressive, it was finished with comfortable, luxurious leather seats, rich carpeting and real feeling of quality.
 This quick, desirable and sought after car has come to us from Marseille and has been with its last owner for 24 years. We are offering this Fiat 2300S onto the market as an ex-European Touring car that raced many famous racing circuits such as Silvertone and the Nurburgring during the mid 1990’s. We are happy to supply the car fully UK road legal with full MOT, as it is in current running and good driving order or even discuss options for putting the Fiat back into standard specification as we have most of the original part required for this. The Fiat is a very interesting car with great provenance and history. It has FIA paperwork and has competed in many events such as Tour de France Auto, Monte Carlo Historique, Dolomites etc.
The Fiat was originally prepared in the UK by a high profile engineer and today, over 20 years on is incredibly strong and mechanically sound. Whilst it has had no use for many years, it has had occasional oil changes and has been warmed up and taken out of the garage twice a year. The 2278cc unit with rarissimo special casting oil sump by Abarth is fantastic and a superbly tuned road engine, the gearbox was renewed and is excellent and the rear end very good. The Fiat has Koni/Spax shock absorbers, flatter rear springs, softer front end stabilisers and harder rubber bushes. The brakes are very good and will just require a clean/service and immediate work that we are happy to carry out include repairing the leaking radiator, water pump and various seals.  
This is an ideal fast road car and 20 years after its last event still looks great with its decals, odd scratches and lovely older paintwork. The bodyshell is outstanding and has never required any welding work, it has no rust issues and never has. The car has spent its whole life based in the South of France and this explains the unusual outstanding structural condition. Whether kept in fast road specification or not, it has its fine red leather upholstery intact and the roll bar in place can be removed easily. With the roll bar removed, the rear seat back can be fitted to the car. The Fiat has an aluminium bonnet, racing wheels and original wheel and hub caps are available and included in the sale.
This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a car with incredible potential and values of such cars with racing heritage are on the up. This is superb overall package that offers a future owner reliability, safety, great performance, lots of fun and of course can be eligible for many historic events. The Fiat has a beautiful sound with its strong, healthy inline six cylinder engine running beautifully and is fast enough to have some real fun. Its road holding is fabulous and the car just wants to be driven hard. The Fiat comes with a comprehensive history and some photographs on the track.
Price: £24,99

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