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Volkswagen Beetle - Type 1. Highly Original - Low Mileage


The Volkswagen Beetle is perhaps one of the most iconic cars in existence, having been manufactured between the years of 1938 and 2003. During this time, in excess of 21 million vehicles were completed, which makes the Beetle both the most produced and longest running vehicle the world has seen. The VW Beetle was initially designed in the 1930's and the Type 1 was conceived by a group led by Ferdinand Porsche. Today the Beetle is an extremely collectible and highly sought-after car and with a magnitude of variations in existence, the early Type 1 cars have become the most desirable.
The Type 1, which is based on Porsche's original "Prototype 1" model has a 1,192 CC 4 cylinder engine, which produces 36 BHP. A single solex carburettor is present, with a 4 speed manual gearbox, 4 wheel hydraulic drum brakes and 4 wheel independent suspension with torsion bars. In 1957, Volkswagen made the decision to enlarge the rear window of the Beetle, which meant that the 1958 models were fitted with the new rectangular window. This made the car much more "driver friendly".
This particular LHD Type 1 model was completed in 1958 and is a desirable European specification example. Being a 1958 car, it has been fitted with a revised instrument panel, redesigned dashboard and the larger rectangular rear window, which replaced the older oval shaped windows. In addition, this example benefits from the later wider brake drums and shoes, improved and more durable clutch release assembly and the improved 3rd and 4th gear ratios, which together make this Beetle an extremely well driving example.
The car is very original and is presented in superb condition, finished in Blue with a Grey and Blue interior combination. It is understood that the car retains most of the original finishes and there are approximately 12,000 kilometres shown on the odometer, believed to be the total mileage the car has covered from new. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a rare, highly sought after, early example that is extremely well preserved and presented in outstanding condition. This car is guaranteed the status of "icon" in automotive circles. The car is currently in the UK and available for viewing at our showrooms based just outside London.
Volkswagen Beetle - Type 1. Highly Original - Low Mileage
 Volkswagen Beetle - Type 1. Highly Original - Low Mileage Volkswagen Beetle - Type 1. Highly Original - Low Mileage
Volkswagen Beetle - Type 1. Highly Original - Low Mileage

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