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1968 DAIMLER V8 250

1968 Daimler V8 250 (Jag Mk2)
Distinguished Ownership, lots of History.

This older restoration – was supplied by Victoria Garage of Weston Super Mare to Alum Glass Ltd on 6th February, 1968. By the 1970’s it was in the possession of Mr W.G. Lloyd and in 1977 it was inherited by his son-in-law Jeremy Chichester (the nephew of Round-the-World-Yachtsman *Sir Francis Chichester) who eventually passed it on to his son Mathew Chichester. There are several family letters in the History file including one from Giles Chichester (former MEP & Vice President of the European Parliament) the son of Sir Francis, who says that by 1968 his Father had given up driving, but recalls seeing the Daimler at his cousin‘s address.
Comes with lots of service and restoration history. The original Daimler Service book is present along with an abundance of bills going back decades confirming regular maintenance. There is also an impressive collection of old road tax discs from the 1970’s to present day.
The Daimler had a full photographic and extensive engine rebuild in late
90’s (following a Motorway mishap) by Bristol Restorations at a cost of over £3000, and still indicates textbook oil pressure, 40 psi minimum when cruising, 20 psi idling when hot. To be critical it sounds a little tappety when cold but this disappears when hot. Until recently it was used reliably by the former owner as his daily means of transport. The auto box is functioning but top gear changes above 30 mph which is a bit late, may need adjustment.

The bodywork was restored about 20 years ago and has benefited from a recent professional respray. From 5 feet away it looks like glass finish but there are some microscopic imperfections as it was not a bare shell repaint. The Brightwork is exceptional, and the original leather interior in Suede Green is free of cracks and tears. The carpets, doorcards and headlining are very presentable, all wood has been re-lacquered. Tyres all good with brand new spare.
The Daimler comes with factory-fitted Power Steering, a most desirable optional fitment on these big cars, so no culture shock for those used to more modern vehicles. A polished Motalita woodrim steering wheel has been added which gives a very sporty feel to the drive.
The original owner’s toolkit is complete, a collector’s item in its own right and a sure sign of careful ownership, the large tools in the boot are also present.
We have driven this car on the motorway for 70 miles and there is no tendency to overheat and it pulls well.. The power brakes are very positive as is the steering.
Comes with original Daimler Wallet containing owner’s handbook in mint cond. Daimler service book, dealer list, lubrication chart, wiring diagram. There is a full Daimler Workshop Manual, Impressive collection of 31 years of road tax discs, previous MOT’s, National press article about the car (framed) and large History File with Heritage Certificate (confirming matching numbers) Baseball cap with “Daimler” logo. New MOT will be supplied.
For more info on this interesting car call or text John on 07909 231414.
Historic Info
The Daimler V8 250 (or 2½-litre V8) was a four-door saloon produced in Coventry, England by Daimler. Launched late in 1962. It was essentially a luxury version of the Jaguar Mark 2 fitted with Daimler’s 2.5-litre V8 engine and drive-train, a Daimler fluted grille and rear number plate surround, distinctive wheel trims, badges, and interior details including a split-bench front seat from the Jaguar Mark 1 and a black enamel steering wheel. Special interior and exterior colours were specified. The Daimlers were accordingly priced higher than the Jaguar Mk2’s. Some cars were fitted with power-assisted steering but it was optional.
Automatic transmission was standard. As a result of being built with the unit body of the Jaguar Mark 2 the 2.5 litre saloon became the first Daimler motor car without a separate frame. The 2.5 V8 was the first Jaguar designed car to have the Daimler badge. A casual observer, though not its driver, might mistake it for a Jaguar Mark 2. The Daimler’s stance on the road was noticeably different from a Mark 2.
*Sir Francis Charles Chichester KBE (17 September 1901 – 26 August 1972), A record breaker in the air and at sea, a true British trailblazer, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for becoming the first person to sail single-handed around the world by the clipper route, and the fastest circumnavigator, in nine months and one day overall.
For the ceremony, the Queen used the sword used by her predecessor Queen Elizabeth I to knight the adventurer Sir Francis Drake, the first Englishman with his crew to complete a circumnavigation. His yacht Gipsy Moth IV was preserved alongside the Cutty Sark at Greenwich.



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