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1987 CITROEN 2CV6 - CLASSIC CHROME LTD 12 Sheen Lane Mortlake, London SW14 8LN

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12 Sheen Lane Mortlake, London SW14 8LN
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In 1934 Michelin took over the bankrupt Citroën company and the new management ordered a market survey to determine what type of car was needed by the large rural population which could not yet afford cars. 
Citroën used the survey results to prepare a design brief for a low-priced, rugged "umbrella on four wheels" that would enable four people to transport 50 kgs of farm goods to market at 50 km/h and if necessary across muddy, unpaved roads. One design requirement was that the customer should be able to drive eggs across a freshly ploughed field without breaking them! 

By mid-1939 a pilot run of 250 cars were produced and the car received approval for the French market. Brochures were printed and preparations made to launch the car, named the Citroën 2CV, at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show in October 1939 but was the launch was abandoned 1 month before due to the outbreak of war in September 1939. 

Citroën unveiled the car at the Paris Salon on 7th October 1948 and although probably the worlds best minimalist car, the 2CV became increasingly luxurious. These terms are relative, of course, and additions to the car that motorised a generation of French farmers included improved interior trim and a slightly uprated flat-twin. The best features remained the loping ride, the comfortable seats and pull back roof and that helped maintain sales for what had become a cult car even during its production run. 

Finally laid to rest in 1990 after over 3.8 million had been produced, the Citroen 2CVs place in society is assured, as are its values which continue to rise.

Just arrived from Italy after being very nicely restored, this beautiful 1987 Citroen 2CV6 was first registered in Milan, Italy on 9th April 1987 and it is finished in White with Red Vinyl trim and a new Black Vinyl Soft Top, 602cc Engine and 4 Speed Manual Gearbox. 

The quality of the restoration in Italy is simply excellent and the car drives superbly.

We are just in the process of registering the car and preparing it for sale, so further details will follow.

Car on display @ our showrooms in Mortlake


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