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Be different, don't buy a common VW Camper, try the sophisticated, advanced and positively rapid (in comparison) alternative!! 

With a large, tall loading capacity and low floor, this could make the ideal classic events back up a vehicle, mobile catering unit or camper to live in, during events?

Just arrived from Italy is this charming, Lancia Superjolly van/camper, light commercial vehicle. Based on Lancia Flavia mechanicals, with it's 1500cc Flavia, all alloy,4 cylinder, water cooled Boxer engine, they were a lively and hugely advanced commercial vehicle in their day! 
This is a very rare vehicle anywhere in the world, let alone here in the UK.
In fact, his is believed to be one of just two currently in the UK? It has been suggested by a contact in the Lancia club that the last example available in the UK was during the 1990's?!

The Lancia Superjolly is a light commercial vehicle. produced by Lancia during the 1960's in various different body forms.T these including a van, minibus, pick up, car transporter and camper van. It shares its 815.000 engine and some other mechanicals with the Lancia Flavia car and was the successor of the Appia-based Lancia Jolly commercial vehicles.W eighing about 1½ ton the Superjolly has a longer wheelbase than its predecessor. It was produced from 1963 to 1970. The first model (315.000) was produced in just 1674 examples, while 1272 of the 1.8-litre 315.024 model meant that overall production was only 2948.
T he Superjolly has fthe front-wheel drive with independent suspension, the means that the loading area is very low. The subframe and drivetrain of the Flavia were used, with some modifications to handle heavier work, but the Superjolly also utilized parts from the Appia, Fulvia, and Flaminia ranges. A 4 speed fully synchronized manual transmission is fitted. 

The front suspension setup is similar to the Flavia's, independent double wishbone with a single (albeit heavier duty) transverse leaf spring. The track is 1,385 mm (54.5 in) rather than 1300 as on the Flavia, while the leaf sprung live rear axle is 1,500 mm (59.1 in) wide. 
The brakes are Dunlop discs all round, as on the Flavia, only with twin calipers on the front discs and twin servos. It is also believed to be the first vehicle ever fitted with a rear brake limiter valve.

This bodywork of this Superjolly is very original, there are no signs of patching or older repairs. The door gaps are very tight and even, all the doors open and shut with a satisfying clunk and feel of quality. All door locks are original and work correctly with the original keys provided. Inside the load, an area is very original and unmessed with. It has all its correct paneling and there are no holes in the floor or on the sides left from fixtures and fittings that have been removed.
The bodywork is in good order overall. very straight and no major corrosion issues.
overall the steelwork is good, the only areas that look to require attention are in the lower regions. The front panel looks worse than it actually is, the lower corner areas, just above the front bumper require work but the rest is very sound.T he lower regions of the side bodywork, also require work.N one of these areas are of a complicated construction, straight, right angle panels on the side and curved panels on the front corners.N nothing that should represent any serious issues for repair. Underneath is a full-length chassis, which is in remarkably sound condition, with no previous repairs or welding required.

Mechanically the Superjolly is complete and anyone familiar with the Lancia Flavia models will recognise most that makes it work! It clearly hasn't run for a while, so expect renovation and refurbishment of mechanical items.

This would make an ideal basis to either restore back to a classic van/camper,or perhaps convert to another Superjolly variant,such as a people carrier,pick up or even a car transporter or perhaps with it's low floor and high roof it would make the perfect, classic mobile catering unit for all the summers events?.

It could also make the perfect, classic events back up a vehicle for all your spares.

A full, factory parts manual and workshop manual are included in the sale. 

Please email or call for further details, viewings can be arranged for any reasonable day or time.
Overseas interest is also welcome and we can help advise on shipping if required.

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