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1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750GS Works Competition Car Photo 

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750GS 
Ulster TT Works Competition Car
Chassis No: 8513092
Eng No: 10814376
Registration No: GN57

During the 1920s Alfa Romeo  became the  dominant force in Grand Prix motor racing, and to a great extent  this was due to the genius of their chief designer Vittorio Jano. After Alfa Romeo won the World Championship with his legendary P2 Grand Prix car Nicolo Romeo asked Jano to design a production car. Using the P2 as a basis for the new design, he developed a 1500cc 6 cylinder car that proved reliable and powerful. The design was later enlarged into the 1750cc car and finally the supercharged 1750GS (Grand Sport). This sports car with its various bodies has become known as one of the most successful performance car designs of all time. Production ceased in 1933.

In 1930 Fred Styles ran Alfa Romeo (British Sales) Ltd, and he was keen to be the official factory entrant for the prestigious 1930 Ulster TT. After he won a very bitter and well publicised dispute with the "HCF" syndicate (Lord Howe, Malcolm Campbell, and Edgar Fronteras) who also wanted the concession, he took delivery of three factory prepared racing 1750GS chassis and set about preparing them for the race. Regulations required the cars to be fitted with 4 seater touring bodies. James Young were commissioned for two of the chassis (including this one), and the third was built in Duralumin, by Hoyal. Styles also procured the services of three of the greatest drivers of all time; Tazio Nuvolari (No10) Giuseppe Campari (No9--this car) and Achille Varzi (No8).

This famous  race turned out to one of great excitement and tension, very wet, with the lead changing many times. The result was more than Styles could have hoped for. His team of 1750GS  Alfas took 1st 2nd and 3rd places, winning the team prize. At first it looked as though Birkin would win in his blown 4.5 Litre Bentley, but he crashed at Ballystockart, them Lord Howe in the 7 Litre blown Mercedes was a threat, but the Alfas proved more reliable and were victorious in the end. Nuvolari won, Campari was second in this car, and Varzi third. This result puts this car into the major collectors league. A Factory Team Car is always desirable and with the Alfa Romeo marque being one of the most illustrious, this car will always be high on the list of "must haves" for any collection. 

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