Tuesday 5 August 2014


What do we have in store for you today?
Well we're revisiting Coys Auction at Nurburgring which is to be held this coming Saturday


 106 - 1969 Abarth 1000 TC Iniezione Semi Pendolare

Estimate: €90,000 - €120,000
Registration Number: Italian Registered
Chassis Number: 2394312/1748

Since the beginning of the 20th century Italy's dominant car maker has been FIAT, who have a history of getting more for less. With imagination, ingenuity and support from a vast cottage industry of foundries, fabricators, fitters and artisan craftsmen they created a tradition of performance excellence getting phenomenal results from tiny engines and cars. Amongst the most well known and accomplished is Carlo Abarth, his name being synonymous with FIAT performance, creating tiny cars that demolished their larger competitors.
The TC series started with the 850 TC Berlina, based on a modified FIAT 600 D chassis. The engines were bored and stroked to raise displacement. Front brakes, crankshafts, intake, exhaust systems, among other parts were upgraded for competition purposes. Just 150 models were produced each month, keeping the cars eligible for the small bore grand touring classes, which they dominated.
In 1967, Carlo Abarth introduced the 1.0 litre engine and the Radiale (or Hemi) head for group 5 racing in Europe. With the combination of 1000cc and the hemi head it was the first push rod engine of a 1000cc that produced more than 100 horsepower.
The first owner of this particular 1000 TC was the racing arm of Abarth; Abarth Corse, meaning that the car has a lot of racing history, but as to which races it took part in and with which drivers still remains to be researched.
The model's front suspension is individual and the engine boasts a very rare mechanical injection system made by Baistrocchi, it is believed that only 5 engines with this system were made. This presents a great opportunity to acquire a works Abarth 1000TC, an opportunity that rarely repeats itself.
Bei der vorderen Radaufhängung dieses Modells handelt es sich um eine individuelle Anfertigung und der Motor zeigt sich mit einem sehr seltenen mechanischen Einspritzsystem von Baistrocchi. Es wird angenommen, dass lediglich 5 Motoren mit diesem System produziert wurden.
In jedem Fall bietet sich hier eine großartige und seltene Möglichkeit, einen solchen Abarth 1000TC zu erwerben.
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