Friday 18 July 2014


Our Classic of the the day is this
1952 Citroen 2CV A Type

This is believed to be the oldest 2CV in the UK, indeed it was chosen to feature on the 2CV strand following restoration at the 2013 Classic Car Show.

The car was found in remarkably sound condition by a well known 2CV expert and collector as illustrated by photographs on file. A painstaking restoration was then undertaken the emphasis being on retaining as much originality as possible whilst and ensuring that every detail of the car is authentic and correct. Invoices on file illustrated with photographs details the comprehensive and meticulous standard of the work completed, indeed over £20,000 was spent.

The result is a fantastic early 2CV that retains a lovely detail patina and character, which is fundamentally fully sorted. The car really is delightful, the detail features such as the speedometer, rear view mirror and seats are truly lovely and unlike anything we have seen at Hairpin before!

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Source: The Hairpin Car Company 2014

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