Saturday 21 February 2015

1919 STELLITE 2-Seat Tourer & Dickey - The Motor Shed

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1919 STELLITE 2-Seat Tourer & Dickey
 In 1913 a light car called the Stellite had been introduced by Wolseley and manufactured by the Electrical and Ordnance Accessories Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Vickers. By 1915 war had brought an end to production, as Wolseley concentrated on the manufacture of V-8 aero engines.
The Stellite has a 1100cc, 4 cylinder, monobloc engine with overhead inlet valves and detachable head. The gearbox has only two forward speeds and reverse and is mounted in the rear axle. Steering is by rack and pinion and the chassis is of wood, reinforced with flitch plates.
CT 1201, has spent the last 25 years or so in a barn in Ireland, having little use and before that was part of a large Edwardian motor collection. Now back in the UK, having an old V5 and now on the handle! In sound, but mellow condition, light and easy to drive. Will require further fettling. The car is VCC dated (in 1970), and was issued with its number in 1921. The earliest known example!
Also with the car comes an original hand book, (an extra at the time) and some original tools.
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