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1929 Bentley Speed Six KR 2682 CHARLES PRINCE

1929 Bentley Speed Six KR 2682 
 1929 Bentley Speed Six 1929 Bentley Speed Six KR 2682
Built in 1929 on an 11’ 6” Chassis. Speed Six Chassis lengths: 11foot (only the Team Cars) 11’6”,11’8.5”, 12’8.5”
Original Body Weymann Saloon by Victor Broom.

1932 Scottish RAC Rally (W.F. Watson)
(Per factory history: “Car entered in RAC Rally on March1st. without permission---Guarantee Cancelled"!!)
1932-? M.W. Derrick
1950-1971 Motorlympia Welshpool
1971-1991 Julian Ghosh (VSCC Officer and author of numerous books and publications on Vintage Cars.

1991-1997 Tim Houlding (Vintage Bentley Consultant)
1997-2005 Chris Buck (Rolls Royce aero engine engineer)
During Chris Buck’s ownership the car underwent an entire mechanical rebuild, and coachwork restoration.

Throughout the 1920’s Bentley was dominant at Le Mans and in many other competitive motor racing events. In the “Vintage Era” there were six models produced. They were the 3 Litre, 4.5 Litre, 6.5 Litre(the big six), Speed Six, Eight Litre, and finally the 4 Litre. The racing cars were the 3 Litre, the 4.5 Litre, and the Speed Six.

Although always a chassis with a sporting heritage, engineered with competition in mind, many cars started life with saloon coachwork. After the war many had fallen into disrepair and naturally an enthusiastic owner undertaking a rebuild would fit a sporting racing body to their rebuilt chassis. Most chose to go for a “Le Man Replica” body, and have a car that would look like one of the original factory team cars.

There were only three factory Le Mans cars on the Speed Six Chassis. There are about 11 Speed Six”s in existence that are still fitted with original coachwork. 
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