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1972 FERRARI DAYTONA RHD COUPE - 2B Consulting Automotive Ltd


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Macclesfield Cheshire United Kingdom
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Conceived by Enzo Ferrari and "penned" within just seven days by Pininfarina's Leonardo Fioravanti (also responsible for both the Dino and subsequent 308GTB), the 365 GTB/4 Berlinetta was Ferrari SPA's replacement for the outgoing 275GTB/4. Viewed by many as the embodiment of all that is Ferrari - style, power and reliability - the Scaglietti bodied coupe and spyder designs were the recipients of an all new three hundred and fifty-two brake horsepower, 4.4 litre V12 engine (designated the "tipo 251"), mated to a transaxle with an integral five-speed manual gearbox.

On its debut at the 1968 Paris Auto Salon, the 365GTB/4 was dubbed the “Daytona” by the world’s press, celebrating Ferrari’s 1-2-3 success at the 1967 running of the Floridian endurance race, the Daytona 24hrs. Maranello’s acknowledgement of the nickname wasn’t forthcoming …but the name stuck.

Early production 365GTB/4's featured fixed headlights behind an acrylic glass cover (plexi-glass), which were replaced in 1971 on safety grounds (more especially for the US market) by retractable, pop-up, twin headlights. Between 1967 and 1973, records detail approximately twelve hundred and eighty-four coupes, and one hundred and twenty-two spyders were delivered to global markets. The first RHD coupe was delivered in 1970 to the UK - chassis #12853.

Ordered by Maranello Concessionaires Limited on order no #594, dated 9/5/72. #15975 was specified with a Blue Dino metallizzato exterior (106.A.72), a blu VM3015 interior, a tipo tool-kit and air-conditioning.

Dispatched from Maranello on 26/7/72; this RHD chassis (one of just one hundred-and-fifty-eight Daytona coupe’s delivered to the UK market)  was delivered to Hexagon of Highgate, London N6 on 11/8/72.

Ownership history:
4/9/72 Delivered new to Ian Wasserman Esq of London and registered #MBY6L

5/1/73 Sold to McIntyre&Sons, 365 Euston Road, London NW1 with mileage of 2,072
24/5/73 Sold to Sytner Limited of Mapperley Nottingham for £8,650 via Credit Extensions Limited to Bruce Owen Esq
1976 Exported to Sydney, NSW Australia by collector’s car dealer Brian Wood Esq
1976 Sold to Boy Thompson Esq, NSW
Sold to Hugh McMaster Esq, NSW
1979 Photo on file showing #15975 at the 1979 Ferrari Club Australia Rally 
1980 Purchased by George Parlby Esq, NSW
1981 Sold to John Roden Esq of Sydney NSW
1982 Purchased by Geoffrey Illingworth Esq, Sydney NSW
1983 Sold to Phil Rudd in NSW. Re-painted black during his ownership
1987 Purchased in kit-form by John Maher of Melbourne Victoria, joining two other Daytona’s
14/1/88 Fax from noted US-Ferrari specialist, Mike Sheehan detailing the condition of #15975
26/1/88 Purchased from John Maher Esq in Melbourne Australia, via Mike Sheehan, by Nigel Weyman Esq of Surrey UK
09/3/88 Car shipped to UK by M.I.T. Shipping, Charlton E London
01/08/93 sold to E.J. Lloyd Esq of London
31/01/04 52,761 miles sold to Ray Delaney Esq of Vermont South, Victoria, Australia
07/08/15 Purchased and returned to the UK 

Service history:

30/4/764,648 milesH.R. Owen London, warranty repairs to heater pump and controls
03/8/88Estimate from Moto-Technique Limited, Surrey UK for Daytona repaint
15/8/88Quote accepted and work commenced
10/11/88Car re-trimmed by Moto-Technique Limited
01/02/89Third-stage invoice for restoration presented
14/12/89Rardley Motors Limited - collection, inspection and “small service”
21/04/89Detailing job-sheet prepared by Rardley Motors limited
23/06/89Engine and gearbox rebuilt by Rardley Motors Limited
02/07/89Mileage 40,000as per FOCGB Concours sheet
11/4/9142,389Supply and fit new alternator Rardley Motors Limited
09/10/9244,687Inspection and “small service” Rardley Motors Limited
25/05/93Wheels resprayed and fuel tank resealed by Moto Technique Limited
27/09/9346,060Maranello Concessionaires Limited annual service, replace seat-belts
25/05/9448,167Maranello Concessionaires Limited, investigate brake shudder, replace front discs
07/09/9449,937Spencer Lane-Jones preparation for MOT and clutch adjustment
15/09/9449,949Clutch replaced by Maranello Concessionaires Limited
27/01/04Mileage 52,761when sold to Australia
13/02/0452,902Serviced by Pur-Sang Automobiles Pty Limited, VIC
28/01/05Replacement wheels repainted by The Healey Factory, VIC
18/02/0554,639Brake fluid replaced by Pur-Sang Automobiles Pty
07/11/0555,738Extensive job-list completed by JW Allan Automotive Limited, VIC
28/09/0761,120Inspection and annual service by JW Allan Automotive Limited, VIC
15/02/0861,459Extensive job-list completed by JW Allan Automotive Limited, VIC
28/11/0863,756Prepared by JW Allan Automotive Limited for Classic Adelaide Rally
24/04/09 Annual service and maintenance by The Healey Factory, VIC
10/06/09  Additional work completed by The Healey Factory, VIC
07/07/09Car repainted by The Healey Factory, VIC
04/08/09#15795 waxoyled, wiper arms repainted by The Healey Factory
05/07/1064,641Annual service completed by JW Allan Automotive Limited, VIC
04/10/1065,395Job-list completed by JW Allan Automotive Limited, VIC
02/05/1167,356Annual service completed by the above
10/04/1269,114Touring event preparation completed by JW Allan Automotive Limited, VIC
03/12/1371,859Annual service completed by the above   
16/04/1473,429Replace oil and reset trans-axle by JW Allan Automotive Limited, VIC
15/09/1575,007Annual service by Foskers Limited, Kent

MOT’s on file:

16/09/15 75,007 miles Re-imported and original number MBY6L re-applied for

17/903/05 – to 2015 State of Victoria, Classic and Historic car club permit
05/09/94 49,937
06/09/93 46,062
17/07/92 44,117
11/04/91 42,381
05/07/89 40,111 registration now # 288KO
27/01/04 Re-registered AOH75K prior to export

FOCGB National Concours Class winner:

1989 Brocket Hall, Class E winner 371 points

1990 Brocket Hall Class G Champions 356 points

Also included:
- Folder detailing the Concours winning Moto-Technique UK restoration, completed on the car between 1/1/88 and 7/89

- Sales brochure for WH Lowe (Automobiles) Pty Limited of Balwyn VA - Australia's first agent for Ferrari cars
- State of Victoria Club permit scheme handbook for collector cars
- Tipo specific tool roll and tools
- Prancing Horse embossed brown leather wallet
- Tipo specific operating, maintenance and service handbook
- Fire extinguisher


-#15975 is an exceptional, RHD Daytona coupe with complete history from new
- Extensively documented 
--Detailed in the Ferrari Daytona Register
- Presented with all books and tools, in a distinctive colour combination with 9in rear wheels


Since: 2010


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