Wednesday 16 November 2016

Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV by Mirage - ARUN LIMITED

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Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV 

by Mirage

During the 1980's Countach replica kits were offered by a big variety of companies; but none of that initial group of would-be supercar counterfeiters found it easy to fully develop and finish a demonstrator. New names like Brightwheel, Silhouette, Sienna and ABS entered the fray, but in real terms only Paul Lawrenson's Prova Designs and Phil Cheetham's Mirage operation thrived. With the competition soon foundering, Prova and Mirage had the market almost entirely to themselves by the early 1990's, as most of the replicators had found the cost, skill, effort and time required in recreating the Countach far too draining.
Commissioned specifically for the first owner and built to exacting standards by an aircraft engineer, this Mirage Lamborghini Countach recreation was five years in the making and finally registered as new in 2014. This stunning vehicle looks resplendent in Rossa Corsa paint and has covered just less than two thousand miles on a fully rebuilt BMW 5.0 litre, 12 cylinder engine mated to an Audi gearbox. Recently mapped and dynamometer tested, it is producing 340bhp at the rear wheels. 
It is built on a reinforced tubular chassis for extra rigidity in handling, coupled to a superbly finished glass fibre body. The attention to detail on this car is breathtaking with great care being paid to minute details including Lamborghini insignias etched on the glass and emblazoned on the brake callipers; even the engine cam covers have been kissed by the raging bull emblem and the cars quad exhausts have been positioned to millimetre perfection with exhaust the note tuned to sound every bit as intoxicating as the genuine article.
Due to a change in circumstances that entailed the original owner moving overseas, the car was reluctantly sold to its second owner, a collector, who eventually replaced the car with a classic Ferrari. This car has been the subject of much scrutiny by enthusiasts and motor industry experts alike and all but the every keenest of eyes have been unable to tell the difference between this when parked alongside the real thing. Admired everywhere she goes and a joy to drive, this Mirage Countach will be at home in the finest of stables.
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