Saturday 29 October 2016


Tom Hartley Junior


Tom Hartley Junior
We are very honoured to be able to offer this extremely significant and historical 600 Pullman Landaulet. This example, chassis 001854, is one of only fifty-nine Pullman Landaulets ever produced and one of only nine examples made in the six-door long top configuration, commonly referred to as the 'Presidential' variant. 

The original data card information and production notes show that the example left the factory on 17th May 1971, wearing Black over Cognac, and was fitted with the following options: headlamps, fog lamps and additional high beam light in amber; headrests in the rear (with the automatic safety belts eliminated) and a rear bench with cushions; a mount for a custom license plate and trim strips on the hardtop; a seat adaptor between the front seats, air conditioning and a fire extinguisher; whitewall tyres, including spare wheel, and jack; custom telephone system; wet bar with chromed glasses and a refrigerated fruit compartment; vanity compartment hidden in the centre armrest, with shaver, cosmetic accessories and perfume bottles; speaker, handset, microphone, Becker Grand Prix radio and holding sling for radio remote control; two spare batteries; and 100 litres of fuel.

The car has great provenance, with its first owner being none other than the infamous Yugoslavian revolutionary and president, Marshal Josip Broz Tito. The well-appointed war hero used this example to travel around several republics within Yugoslavia to attend meetings, conventions, assemblies and conferences.

The Landaulet comes complete with the following items:
  • two original Yugoslavian flags with chrome flag staffs
  • two original license plates used by President Tito in Yugoslavia
  • an original commemorative cake platter of President Tito
  • an original belt of President Tito’s
  • a busk of President Tito
  • an original watch to honour Yugoslavian soldiers
  • 395,000 Yugoslavian Dinar with President Tito’s portrait printed on the bills
  • a chauffeur cap
  • a wet bar
  • a vanity set, including electric shaver and perfume bottles
  • a plug for the microphone in the rear
  • a spare wheel and cover
  • a soft-top cover
  • an original spare parts catalogue, workshop manual, service book and handbooks
  • factory brochures and model literature
  • the books 600: The Grand Mercedes by Michael Wiedmaier and Wulf H. Knetsch and Mercedes-Benz 600: Die Feine Art des Fahrens by Michael Wiedmaier

If this 600 Pullman 'Presidential' Landaulet is of interest and you wish to discuss further, please feel free to get in touch.

Price:  £POA

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