Thursday 25 September 2014

1935 ROVER SPEED 14 STREAMLINE COUPE - Jonathan Wood Vintage & Thoroughbred Restorations Limited



The Rover Company commenced the manufacture of cars in 1904 and may be said 
to have achieved a position of pre-eminence during the 1930s.
That decade witnessed a vogue for streamlining first observed in the 
Chrysler Airflow and soon thereafter widely adopted by prestigious manufacturers such as 
Talbot, and especially Riley, with its range of Kestrel saloons. In harmony with 
this trend Rover developed and constructed their Speed 14 Streamline Coupe of 
which a total of 380 were manufactured from 1934 to 1936. The body work was aluminium 

and designed by Rover. The tuned six-cylinder engine of 1577cc was high compression; 
gas flowed and fitted with triple SU carburettors. Brakes were hydraulic in operation 
with finned drums and Rudge Whitworth centre lock wire wheels. The model was timed at 
Brooklands in 1935 at 82.57mph and being possessed of 54bhp clearly demonstrated its s
uperiority in power and performance over its nearest competitor, the Riley 12/6 Kestrel. When t
he considerable saving in the purchase price over its Coventry rival was taken into account the 
advanced and highly specified Rover, with the Company at the peak of its fortunes, must 
have represented a tempting prospect indeed.
Of exceptional rarity, being one of perhaps fewer than 10 survivors of this model 
worldwide, ‘BYP 351’ is offered for sale as a lovely example of a Speed 14 Streamline Coupe. 
The car was acquired by the vendor 4 years ago when re-commissioning work was carried out 
by ourselves. This includes major steering suspension overhaul work, thorough engine tune, 
water pump overhaul, instrument repairs and servicing totalling £15,000. The owner has enjoyed 
many happy motoring miles.
The previous owner had acquired the car some 10 years prior in a partly restored condition. 
He had the car fully re-trimmed with a leather interior, the sunroof was reconstructed and 
the coachwork re-cellulosed in a correct Rover period colour.
The sale of this car represents a unique opportunity to acquire a model of extreme rarity, 
style and distinction in conformity with the Rover Company’s characteristically understated 
contemporary advertisement description as being “One of Britain’s Fine Cars”.

Source:  onathan Wood Vintage & Thoroughbred Restorations Limited

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